Sales Retention Team Site Payout

The final payments for the SRT settlement have been entered and will be included on employee paychecks on April 3. Those individuals who are no longer working for the Postal Service will have their checks mailed to the last office they worked at. If those individuals have moved away from the last office they worked at, please have them contact the office on or after April 3 to request to have the check sent to a different location.

There were 115 deceased individuals on the list. Those payments go thought a special and manual process, so they will take longer to get processed.

There will not be anything that identifies it as SRT, while the Union requested an identifier.

On paper statement it will be identified as ADJUST and on ePayroll it will be identified on the Adjustment pages as 40-36.

If you have problems with receiving the payment, they can contact Accounting Services for assistance. Please follow the protocol we used for contacting Accounting Service that was in place for the SRT initial payment. Your local union should be able to share that process with you. The payee must make the call and identify the payment as the SRT payment.

Current employees and former employees can (whether a member or not), as before with the initial SRT payment, go to the APWU website under the Members Only tab to identify their individual payment amount in the same manner as before. If you are a non-member, please join the union family by clicking on the link on the payout page.

For the few employees that was omitted from the first payment, your initial missed payment has been included in this payment and will be reflected as one total payment.

This is the final payment and there are no further corrections and/or adjustments.

Lamont Brooks
Clerk Division

If you worked at these 12 sites as a full-time clerk,

  • Akron,   2014, PP01 - 2017, PP08
  • Atlanta, 2012, PP25 - 2017, PP08 
  • Boston, 2013, PP23 - 2017, PP08
  • Bustleton (Philadelphia), 2014, PP07 - 2017, PP08
  • Dallas, 2013, PP21 - 2017, PP08
  • Dayton, 2014, PP04 - 2017, PP08
  • Everett (Seattle), 2014, PP05 - 2017, PP08
  • Fox Valley, 2014, PP04 - 2017, PP08        
  • Portland, 2014, PP03 - 2017, PP08
  • St. Petersburg, 2014, PP08 - 2017, PP08
  • San Francisco, 2013, PP17 - 2017, PP08
  • Tampa, 2014, PP08 - 2017, PP08

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